The Youth Resiliency Institute's A Dream In Cherry Hill is based on empirical and anecdotal evidence that the arts, positive racial identity and culturally responsive pedagogy can lead to increased achievement and resilience in black children.

Launched in 2010 with zero public or private funding,A Dream In Cherry Hill offers a cultural organizing leadership initiation process for children and youth ages 5- 18 living in Cherry Hill Public Homes. By locating action in relationships between self and others, cultural organizers are introduced to textual and visual literacy, historical research methods and investigative journalism employed to present a factual narrative of Cherry Hill.

Through collective work and responsibility and culturally-specific parent engagement tactics, A Dream In Cherry Hill activates every Cherry Hill Public Homes parent's ability to contribute to whole-child healthy development and village building right in their own backyard and reaffirms the role of Cherry Hill Public Homes youth as social change agents who possess the full democratic right to analyze and shape policy rather then be used as objects of policy.


Photo By Tedd Henn/What Weekly

Currently, A Dream In Cherry Hill cultural organizers are employing visual and textual literacy skills and strategies to produce Habari Gani Baltimore? -an on-line news show produced and directed by children and youth who share news about issues facing the communities in which they live.

Read whatA Dream In Cherry Hill cultural organizer Keshauna published in Baltimore's What Weekly magazine.

YRI Executive Director Fanon Hill's Audacious Idea, is a commentary about the rich history of Cherry Hill community and the promise of its children and youth.

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