“Imagine a Baltimore City where it was as easy to get a guitar as it is to get a gun.”

Baltimore Guitarist Against Violence

The Youth Resiliency Institute's Baltimore Guitarist's Against Violence program (BGAV) provides children and youth ages 8-18 living in communities with high rates of violence with an opportunity to learn how to play guitar.

Through BGAV'S community based music program, students learn skills such as:

• Proper playing position
• Tuning
• Basic strumming chords
• Proper guitar care

BGAV provides students with public performance opportunities with professional guitarist's, educational field trips, guitar residencies featuring master guitarist's from diverse cultural backgrounds, recording opportunities in professional studios and workshops on the business of music.

BGAV curricula builds on students' existing strengths and honors the traditions, history and restorative capacity of the neighborhoods students live in while demonstrating the power of reconciliation, forgiveness and conflict mediation through special visits from relatives of homicide victims and anti-violence activists.

BGAV's value finds itself in its ability to provide students with community-based high quality guitar instruction, employability skills through guitar performance and repair, and the necessary tools to collaboratively deconstruct policies and practices that fuel violence throughout Baltimore's most disinvested neighborhoods.

BGAV is currently accepting guitars (in working condition) and/or donations for beginner guitars (acoustic, electric, bass and/or ukuleles).

To make a financial contribution to help us purchase a BGAV beginner's guitar please click here.

To donate a guitar and/or to make a financial contribution of any amount in the name of a loved one lost to violence, please send an email to: fanon@youthresiliencyinstitute.org

*As with all YRI programming, Baltimore Guitarist's Against Violence structures an optimal environment for healthy whole child development.


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