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The majority of what the printed and electronic media reports about children and youth living in disinvested Baltimore communities is drawn heavily from the perspective of adults who live outside of those communities.

Habari Gani Baltimore? is a news show produced and directed by children and youth from diverse cultural backgrounds who capture the pulse of Baltimore through news about the communities in which they live. Using media to engage in knowledge production, creative expression and communication, Habari Gani Baltimore? journalists distribute asset-based news throughout Baltimore City and beyond.

Habari Gani Baltimore? youth journalists prepare to interview famed Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima at Sankofa Video and Books in Washington, DC.

Rendering visible cultural realities to segments of society that have denied them, Habari Gani Baltimore? youth journalists create new arenas of cooperation--locally, nationally and internationally-- while directly challenging producers of visual culture in Baltimore City who promote false beliefs and/or biased opinions about children and youth from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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