Youth Resiliency Institute debuts microdocumentary at the White House!
Youth Resiliency Institute: The power of cultural organizing and building strong parent leaders

Youth Resiliency Institute (Fusion Partnerships, Inc) was announced as one of forty-six finalists chosen to compete for W.K. Kellogg Foundation's $5 million family engagement investment. Link to W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF)

A Dream In Cherry Hill youth cultural organizer Keshauna shares about her work in Baltimore’s Cherry Hill community in What Weekly on-line magazine.

DC Metro Theater Arts Interviews YRI Executive Director Fanon Hill

A Dream In Cherry Hill
YRI’s A Dream In Cherry Hill is highlighted in the Baltimore’s What Weekly magazine.




The Marc Steiner Show/Rites of Passage & Our Youth
An interview on The Marc Steiner Show about rites of passage and our youth with YRI co-founders Navasha Daya and Rashard Williams along with National Rites of Passage Institute Executive Director Paul Hill.

YRI Executive Director & Co-Founder Fanon Hill
is interviewed by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson about the intersection of art and Black male identity in Baltimore City.




YRI Executive Director Fanon Hill shares as a National College Board Office for School Counselor Advocacy webinar presenter focusing on the topic of Transforming the Educational Experiences of Young Men of Color.





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