"The 1st Annual 2012 Youth Leadership Summit was exciting and well attended by public housing & private sector youth who reside all around Baltimore City. The Youth Resiliency Institute team played a significant roll in the coordination and selection of workshop presenters for the day. Words can't truly express the energy and commitment which I observed from the Youth Resiliency Institute team during the planning stage and at the summit."

Gail Hemphill Danik
Program Supervisor
Housing Authority of Baltimore City
Office of Resident Services


NKONSONKONSON (Symbol of unity and human relations)
A reminder to contribute to the community; in unity lies strength.


The Youth Resiliency Institute provides an array of services to organizations and groups.

These services are fee-based and are provided on a contract basis. Services are available individually or as a package.

• Consultation
• Train the trainer programs for adults
• Mentorship/Leadership Coaching
• Program development and technical assistance

Our practice areas facilitate the development of cutting-edge learning and application in diverse settings and areas of study: communities, faith-based settings, prisons, parenting support, schools, and evaluation.

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The Youth Resiliency Institute is a program under the umbrella of Fusion Partnerships, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of Maryland. The Youth Resiliency Institute is dedicated to inspiring realization of the authentic self in children, youth and young adults in Baltimore. We encourage and support authentic living in the service of just, joyful and sustainable communities.