Youth Arts Harvest Initiative

In Baltimore, there are some things we just can’t take for granted: like the rhythm of the campana, beat of the mighty nyabinghi drum or chords from the accordion. No matter where we come from, the essence of Baltimore that breathes cultural knowledge and tradition needs all of us to survive.

Launched in 2011, the Youth Resiliency Institute's Youth Arts Harvest Initiative is a multilingual initiative that aims to enhance the visibility, artistic vibrancy and sustainability of Baltimore-based youth artists from diverse cultural backgrounds while creating broader more diverse audience through monthly performances and presentations that celebrate Baltimore's diverse cultural traditions.

Ferlyn Virtudes beautifully amplifies Filipino culture at The 2012 Youth Arts Harvest Festival in downtown Baltimore.  

2012 Youth Arts Harvest Festival performers engaged in a culturally diverse artistic conversation. PHOTOS BY J.D. HOWARD

"Downtown Partnership of Baltimore is thrilled to have developed a great connection with the Youth Resiliency Institute over the last few years. The Youth Arts Harvest Festival that we hosted together in Hopkins Plaza in August 2012 had the highest attendance out of all the lunchtime events that we coordinated that summer."

Sarah Edelsburg
Former Public Space Coordinator
Downtown Partnerships

Mr. J.D. Howard, recipient of The Youth Arts Harvest Festival’s 2012 Jose Ruiz
“Champion of Culture” award.

According to the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy's "Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change" report, culture and the arts are vehicles for expressing our struggles and accomplishments, our identity and hopes for the future as individuals and as a society. Each year, foundations award about $2.3 billion to nonprofit arts and cultural institutions. The distribution of these funds is demonstrably out of balance with our evolving cultural landscape and with the changing demographics of our communities.

In Baltimore, our future is dependent upon our ability to strategically invest in the right of children and youth from diverse cultural backgrounds to create art from their own cultural vantage point.

Through our annual Youth Arts Harvest Festival held in downtown Baltimore, the Youth Resiliency Institute organizes an annual afternoon of cultural music, food, vendors, crafts and performances brought to you by children and youth from diverse cultural communities including, but not limited to: African-American/African, Latino, Brazilian, Asian, Indian, West Indian, Native American, and European backgrounds.


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